MCAM Northwest

MCAM Northwest provides products, services and training to Engineers, Designers and Machinists in the manufacturing industries. From concept to production, MCAM Northwest can provide you with a total Digital Prototyping Solution with Autodesk and Mastercam products.

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Some background on MCAM Northwest

I have been involved for most of the history of MCAM Northwest, and the entirety of their side project, Streaming Teacher. During my time working for them, I honed my skills in design and hand-coding web sites. I worked on everything from signs to fully built websites, and everything in between. I’ve done logo design, advertising, slideshows, presentations, and talent location and collaboration.

The 2010 redesign was done to accomodate their acquisition of Autodesk products. It followed a redesign that I had done only a year earlier. Their side project, Streaming Teacher, provides educational videos and other courseware to the mechanical engineering sector of the workforce, and has partnerships with local educational facilities.