Nic Marson is a Front-End Web Developer who specializes in UI development. He has been a freelance designer for 10 years, and has corporate and agency experience with Hershey’s, Microsoft, InFocus, and many more. He prototypes and designs using Fireworks; hand codes HTML, CSS, and jQuery; automates with IDE’s, LESS, and SASS; and works in PHP, Java, and .NET. Accessibility, web standards, and responsive design are his primary goals.

For over ten years, Nic has been honing his design and development skills. Just as a website is never truly finished, his education is never complete. It’s his desire to learn that motivates him, and it’s his ability to see and correct imperfections that make him a good worker. Head over to the contact page to get in touch with him.

In addition to web design, Nic also practices drawing and other art. He’s got an awesome robot collection, loves Portland coffee, and is a conscientious omnivore. He keeps in shape by paddling on the Willamette River in outrigger canoes, and riding his bike to work and other areas in and around Portland. He also enjoys hiking, camping, and many other outdoor activities.