About Nic Marson

I am an advocate for a unified web experience on all devices. I specialize in adaptive design for large websites, integrating User Experience data, and improving workplace efficiency.

My background

I began as an artist in my youth, putting to paper what I saw in the world and in my imagination. As I grew I developed an aptitude for math and science. After high school I went to Oregon State University to major in biology. Eventually I changed my major to graphic design where I found a perfect mix of my talents. In addition to the graphic design curriculum I also began learning web design.

My first web projects took place at Oregon State back in 2001, but I wouldn't get back into the web business again until 2004 as a web master at InFocus. During this off time I was teaching myself to hand code HTML and CSS and discovered A List Apart and related sites to guide me. Years later I would attend An Event Apart and by putting new skills to use with some great agencies.

Employment history

2014 – 2015Web DeveloperInstrument
2012 – 2014Web ExperienceDeveloperCambia/ Regence BCBS
2010 – 2012Web ApplicationDeveloperExtensis
2010ContractorWaggener Edstrom
2008 – 2009ContractorISITE Design
2001 – 2011Freelance contractorVarious

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Fun facts

I designed and built a tiny house with my
partner, Natalie Perrin

I paddle outrigger canoes competitively with Bridge city paddling club